The Trust has a board of Directors who have overall responsibility for the Governance of its academies. It has set up local governing bodies at academy level which hold the Principal or Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of its students and oversees the financial performance.

Trust Members and Directors

Mrs E Cook, Member * – appointed by 24th January 2020
Mrs S England, Member * – appointed by 24th January 2020
Mr M Hall, Member – appointed on 19th December 2018

Former members – resigned in the last 12 months

Mr J Evans, Member – resigned 8th January 2021
Mr C Martin, Member – appointed 24th January 2020

Mrs E Cook, Director * appointed by Members 2015
Mr R Castle, Director – appointed 31.03.2020
Mrs H Dickens, Director – appointed 31.03.2020
Mr D Parker, Director – appointed 31.03.2020; Vice-Chairman appointed 14.12.21
Prof D Richards, Director (parent) * – appointed by Board of Directors 01.02.2016
Mr Nigel Pressnell, Interim CEO, Accounting Officer
Mr R Wilkins, Director * – Chairman

Former Directors – resigned in the last 12 months

Cllr K Craze, Director – resigned 5.10.21
Mr H Nash, Director – resigned 31.03.21
Mr A O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, Accounting Officer * – resigned 31.03.21
Mr Martyn McCarthy – resigned 15.12.21

* parents of past or present student

**Term of office is 4 years