Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a community of local schools who are like-minded and wish to establish the best environment for their staff and students. Where the Head Teachers and Principals working together will have the ability to provide outstanding education and choice for all our children.

The Trust is fully inclusive in terms of Disability, Race, Sex, Age, Religion, Philosophical Belief, Sexual orientation, Gender re-assignment, Marriage and Pregnancy. We aim to provide an environment where pupils will get the chance to reach their own highest level of achievement in an enjoyable but challenging way. To reach these levels we would envision the Trust being able to offer parents a family of schools for the whole of their child’s education. To make the passage for students through school, from infants to sixth form, as smooth and stress free as possible. To offer our staff the ability for continual improvement and for on-going professional development.

We aim to achieve our vision by continuing our liaison with other schools through collaboration, by sharing best practice and ideas to find more efficient ways of delivering our objectives. Eventually through the savings of shared resources such as HR, payroll, IT, maintenance and transport we will be able to increase the availability of further funds for education.